The transport package includes:
1) transport from Tallinn airport/ferry terminal/bus station to the Event Centre in Rakvere and back (in a condition that the whole team is travelling together);
2) transport between the Event Centre/official accommodation in Rakvere Vocational School and Vinni Sports Complex and the competition centre and back on each competition day;
3) transport to model event and back (from and to official accommodation) on 2nd August;
4) transport to the dinner and cultural event in Rakvere Castle and back (from and to official accommodation)
on 4th August.

The deadline to purchase the transport package is 1st July 2022 through the online form.


The dinner and cultural event takes place on 4th August from 19:00-23:00 in Rakvere castle, which is one of the oldest castles in Estonia.
Participants are regaled with delicious food, speeches, different performances and cultural activities. Participation fee is 35€ per person.

The deadline for registration is 17th July 2022 through the online form.


The deadline to order is the 17th of July 2022: online form.
We offer an opportunity for teams to pre-order a lunch at the arena. Lunch will be served as a buffet. The price is 20€ (per person/day) and includes food, water, coffee and soft drinks.

The menu is following:
Day 1, 3rd August: Lasagna with beef & vegetables lasagna, green salad with mozzarella & Cherry tomatoes
Day 2, 4th August: Salmon, rice, steamed broccoli-carrots, tar-tar sauce, green salad, marinated pumpkin
Day 3, 6th August: Chicken breast, oven potatoes, roasted broccoli-zucchini, beetroot, green salad with mango, Salsa sauce
Day 4, 7th August: Paella, green salad, feta cheese
There are also vegan alternatives.
NB! If needed, the caterer is willing to pack the lunch into a takeaway and bring it to quarantine.


Organisers will provide hostel-type accommodation at the dormitory of Rakvere Vocational School and Vinni Sports Complex Hostel. 

The dormitory of Rakvere Vocational School is located in the same complex as the Event Centre. The new dormitory building was opened in 2020 and it can host up to 200 persons. Each room has two beds and two rooms share a toilet and a mini kitchen. The building has a gym. 

Vinni Sports Complex Hostel is located in Vinni borough, 8 kilometers from Event Centre in Rakvere. The complex has 110 places. There are 2, 4 or 6 beds in a room. In some rooms, there are bunk beds. The sports complex has a pool and a gym.

Accommodation typePrice per person per night
Dormitory of Rakvere Vocational School30 EUR
Dormitory of Rakvere Vocational School – including breakfast, dinner50 EUR
Vinni Sports Complex Hostel30 EUR
Vinni Sports Complex Hostel – including breakfast, dinner50 EUR

Contact to book the accommodation: info@eoc2022.ee. The latest date to book the accommodation is 3 June 2022, but the principle “first-come, first-serve” is applied.

There are multiple hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities in the area, find more information on the Visit Estonia webpage. Teams are allowed to book their own accommodation besides the accommodation provided by organisers. 


With regard to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.5), the embargoed areas are forbidden for all potential EOC2022 athletes, team officials and other persons that may be in a position to give information to the team members.

On the embargoed area map, the red colour indicates areas with a strict embargo, meaning that competitors, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the competitions, are not allowed to enter the area. Green colour indicates roads through embargoed areas that are permitted for transit but may not be used for trainings.


Map name/areaMap disciplineMap yearOther map details
PukametsaFoot-O2015link, larger map (added 11.07.22), GPS tracking from this terrain (Estonian Championships relay 2015)


Contact: Mait Tõnisson, EOC2022 Trainings Coordinator 


+372 513 8911